About Enjoy Studios
webcam studio

What does a job in a
live cam studio entail?

Webcam industry is based on online communication, sensuality, attraction and beauty in all its forms. It is the job in which women feel appreciated and wanted by online members. In a webcam studio, a model must look impeccable – from hairstyle, makeup, to clothes – in order to be able to enter into a private online conversation with members who are willing to take large sums of money out of pocket for time spent online.

Webcam confidentiality
is an important factor

For us, the Enjoy Studios team, the confidentiality of our models is extremely important. We make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of the models by all necessary means: restricting access to IP addresses in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, from any type of device connected to the Internet, the use of pseudonyms, discretion in the studio.

What are the
benefits of a webcam job?

  • Substantial gains

  • Enjoy Studios offers the models earnings between 5,000 and 50,000 LEI per month.

  • Flexible schedule

  • The model sets its schedule according to the other scheduled activities. The program can take place in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening at the live cam studio in Bacau.

  • Excellent working conditions

  • Enjoy Studios in Bacau offers the best conditions for you to feel special and safe.

  • The safety of a stable job

Bonuses offered
by Enjoy Studios

  • Training period bonus - 100% in the first two weeks

    The training period for Enjoy Studios candidates will be between 3 and 14 working days. During this time, depending on the personality and needs of each candidate, a specialized trainer will dedicate his time to support language courses (vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling), familiarizing candidates with exciting notions and techniques of verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • Weekend bonus

    Enjoy Studios offers a $ 25 bonus for cam models who decide to work every day of the week.

  • Recommendation bonus

    Become a recruitment agent for Enjoy Studios and receive a bonus of $ 100 / month or 5% of the total earnings for each new candidate you bring who chooses a collaboration with us.

  • Webcam bonus: 500 USD + 500 USD BONUS

    If you bring your friend hired to another studio to work with us, the classic bonus of $ 300 for each reaches the threshold of $ 500.

  • Up to date payment

    From 20.09.2016, our studio introduces the current payment.

  • Video chat bonus: You are beautiful!

    Because we are used to rewarding the motivation and involvement of online models, we offer personalized vouchers for personal care, for shopping sessions or for cosmetic procedures that you can't do without: solarium, massage, spa, etc.

    After 3 months of collaboration - voucher worth 150 LEI

    After 6 months of collaboration - voucher worth 300 LEI

    After 12 months of collaboration - voucher worth 500 LEI

  • Percent of 55

    If you exceed the threshold of $ 3,500 during the working period, we increase your commission to 55%.

  • Percent of 60

    If you exceed the threshold of $ 4000 during the working period, we increase your commission to 60%.

  • $ 300 employment bonus

    You get a $ 300 bonus if you start a collaboration with us from another studio

  • Excellent bonus

    Models who want to surpass themselves are rewarded accordingly. We offer an additional 5% for employees who manage to reach the amount of $ 7,500 per working period.

  • Seniority bonus

    We carefully choose the working time intervals, offering each model the opportunity to easily get to work and to evolve with us. Seniority bonuses are $ 100 for 1 year, $ 200 for 2 years and $ 300 for 3 years.

  • Webcam bonus: Driving license

    We know that time is measured in money, and because of this we want to help you optimize the time spent on the road. In order to easily give up the means of public transport or the expensive trips by taxi, we offer you the possibility to start the driving school. We provide you with all the necessary payments for you to fulfill your dream of driving, but also to have an extra motivation in purchasing your own car!

  • Webcam bonus: Maximum capacity

    If our studio is operating at full capacity for a certain period, our models will be rewarded with a 5% increase over the current commission.

Central location

Enjoy Studios is located in an exclusive area of Bacau. Enjoy webcam studio has rooms invested with lush decors and minimalist furniture, offering an ideal environment for relaxation.

Specialized training

The lack of experience in online modeling industry is replaced by a specialized training offered by the Enjoy Studios team of trainers made up only of professional girls. This team contributes to the promotion and success of online models, providing them with professional support.

24/7 technical assistance

The logistics and maintenance of the technical systems available to Enjoy Studios meet the highest standards. The latest generation webcams ensure the development of webcam activity in optimal conditions, leading to increased visibility of Enjoy models internationally.


Enjoy Studios treats the confidentiality of the models with respect, emphasizing the observance of the contractual commitments. In addition, Enjoy Studios collaborates with well-known live cam sites, contributing to the financial and professional development of the models.

3 simple steps to become a top model

  • 1. Apply for an interview
  • 2. Work with the best in the field
  • 3. Be serious and involved

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